17th May 2017

Act 5 scene 3

Balthazar thinks that Juliet is dead and tells Romeo. Then Balthazar tells Romeo. Romeo gets sad and breaks into Verona. He pays for an illegal poison to kill himself next to Juliet. Then he breaks into the Church. Paris try’s to stop him. Romeo said, “do not tempt a broken man”. But they fight. Then Romeo kills Paris. Romeo goes and lies down next to her. She begins showing signs of waking up. But Romeo drinks the poison as she wakes up. Romeo dies. Then Juliet kills herself with Romeos dagger. The prince and the family come into the scene. The prince asks what has happened. Friar Lawrence tells them what happened and that he is prepared to give his life for his mistakes. Montague offers to make a gold statue of Juliet. Then the Capulets offer to make one of Romeo.

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