In Andrew Nicoles film, Gattaca, a dystopian future that restricts Vincent from pursuing his life long dream (being his astronaut) because of his DNA. For someone to be an astronaut in this dystopian future you have to have perfect genes. This happens by scientists genetically modifying humans to be genetically un impaired or in other words, the perfect DNA. In this essay I will be stating describing the moral of the film that Andrew Nicole is pursuing.

The movie is set in a futuristic tone but there are still old cars, the clothing of people are still old. 

The movie has a modernism feel to it 

Hitler likes perfection and modern stuff

Warning not to repeat history

The modernist Architecture, electric cars, and tech in this movie gives a futuristic feel.  Andrew Nicole is warning us about what technology can allow us to do. In the movie, you are restricted to what you can become by the type of DNA you have. Vincent shows us that you shouldn’t let your DNA define who you are and who you are destin to become by breaking the law and committing multiple crimes to follow his dreams no matter what society had planned for him. 

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