20th February 2018


Using slang language is not being lazy. The definition of lazy is”unwilling to work or use energy”. When you are writing slang you are simply being more efficient and saving energy and time in the ways that you communicate with one another. For example, when someone says hbu (which stands for how about you), they are asking you the same question that you have just asked them. Like, “How are you? Im good hbu?” That is a more efficient way of asking the same question that you had asked.

Slang language is also more efficient because it gives the writer a sense of privacy. Slang language has been introduced with the creation of texting. Since texting is a reasonably new form of communication that was not around when our parents were kids. To our parents, “lol” would most probably mean to them “lots of love”, but to us it has inhabited a new meaning that means “laugh out loud”. So.. It is a pretty much new language to them. For example, when you are texting a friend about something that you do not want them to find out about, if you were writing in formal language, it would be very easy for their parents to go through and understand what you were talking about. If you were talking in slang to your friend it would be much more difficult for them to understand what you were saying or talking about. This is another way slang becomes more useful than formal language.

Slang is also more efficient because you can pursue or convey the same message in less keystrokes. For example, when you say m8, you are conveying the same meaning as saying mate but with fewer keystrokes. Also the same concept with “gtg”, which means got to go in shorter or less keystrokes. “Lol”, which is also another classic example of



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  1. Phoenix, your analysis so far as clear and it definitely explains how the modifications made to the language in a text message speed up the entry of text. The area I’d like to develop is the reasons why you think we do this when we text. You said that it’s faster, but why is it that fast it is so important in the text conversation when we are willing to take the time to write in long form when we say writing essay?


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