21st July 2018


Global warming or referred to as climate change is a very immanent and serious problem that needs to be taken more seriously in the modern world. This was clearly stated in president Obamas speech in 2009 where he addressed the situation of global warming. The generations before us have given a blind eye to this subject and have not taken it seriously or have done alot to help prevent this catastrophe up until recently. I think there needs to be more done to help prevent global warming. In this speech i will hopefully change your mind, strengthened your opinions or make you more aware of the current situation and why global warming needs more to be done about it by explaining the longterm effects of global warming and how it can be resolved through various solutions. But what exactly is global warming? Global warming is the change of the worlds average temperature over a long period of time. Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide emissions by cars, buses machinery, factories, burning of fossil fuels etc.

Now I will state some of the major problems caused by global warming starting with the melting of the polar ice caps. Antarctica holds about 90 percent of the worlds fresh water source, so you can imagine what would happen if it all melted. If things keep going the way they are all the ice in Antarctica will melt rising the sea level approximately 216 feet. We would lose dramatic amounts of land and some major city’s around the world including London, New York, Vancouver, New Orleans, Bangkok etc. We would also destroy the natural habitat for multiple species of penguins, birds and polar bears. We would also make overpopulation an even worser problem for future generations. Another imminent problem caused by global warming is the ocean temperature. For coral reefs to thrive the ocean needs to be at a temperature approximately 23-29 degrees. Any lower or higher the reef will die. We could also see alot of species of fish go extinct as well as the coral reefs around the world. There will also be an increase amount of storms and tornados throughout the world that will lead to thousands of fatalities all over the world.

As you can see these are very serious problems that will soon be irreversible if we don’t take action on this problem soon. Thankfully there are solutions to this catastrophe. Alot of the pollution happens in cities, instead of people driving there cars to work they could catch a bus or ride there bike and that would lead to far less pollution. Renewable energy is also a major solution that will also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions dramatically. Instead of burning fossil fuels and coal to produce energy, we could turn to solar panels, wind turbines, damns and more clean energy sources. We could also start using electric vehicles over fuel consuming vehicles. If people started using electric cars we would still be creating global warming emissions when the electricity gets made for them but would be better than the current situation in the long run.

As you can see this major problem that has massive effects on the planet. So more needs to be done about it including using renewable energy sources over fossil fuels energy, people using buses instead of driving. If the world starts paying more attention we will leave a good world for the future generations to come. So hopefully i have changed your minds about this subject ,strengthened your opinions or made you more aware of the situation that we haft to deal with regarding global warming, thanks for listening.




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