Monday morning at friar Lawrences cell. Romeo goes to Friars cell. romeo talks to him about marrying Juliet. He needs a priest to marry them. Friar says he will because it might stop the fued between the family’s. Scene ends.

Late sunday night outside the Capulet’s orchard. Romeo sneaks over to the orchard and he waits outside for Juliet. She comes out and Romeo hides and hears her talking to herself about him. Romeo stops hiding and starts talking to her. They start kissing and talking about there name Montague and Capulet. The Nurse calls […]

Late sunday night outside the Capulets orchard. Romeo is talking to himself, he asks him self if he can carry on while s heart is here. Benvolio and Mercutio walk over. romeo hides. Benvolio and Mercutio started talking to each other and they are teasing Romeo about Rosaline. After that they walked off to go […]

Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio go to the party at the Capulets mansion. Romeo meets Juliet and they run away from the people and kiss. They are  both still unaware of who they each are. They get caught kissing in an elevator by the Nurse. She takes Juliet to her Mother. Then the Nurse tells Juliet […]

Sunday evening outside the Capulets mansion. They are getting ready for a party.They find out it is a masked party. Romeo starts talking about a dream that an event will start tonight that will lead to his death.

At the Capulets mansion on a sunday afternoon Lady capulet calls for Juliet so they can talk in private with the nurse. Lady Capulet wants to talk about who she is going to marry. The Nurse makes a jokes about juliet as a baby.  Lady capulet wants her to marry a wealthy man like Paris so […]

Sampson and Gregory are talking then the capulets come and thenSampson and Greogory try to start a fight and succeed. Then the Prince comes along and stops the fight and tells them he will kill both of them if it happens again. Then the Prince leaves and Montague want Benvolio to talk to Romeo about […]