Macbeth comes back from killing Duncan and he says to lady Macbeth that he feels pretty unholy from what he had just done. “I hear a knocking at the south entry: retire we to our chamber; A little water clears us of this deed: How easy is it, then! Your constancy hath left you unattended.” […]

Shall sun that morrow see! Your face my thane, is a book, where men read strange matters.” Lady Macbeth in this scene is saying the thane of Cawdor’s face is like a book and is easy to read, through his facial expressions. Lady Macbeth is talking to the 3 witches.

Using slang language is not being lazy. The definition of lazy is”unwilling to work or use energy”. When you are writing slang you are simply being more efficient and saving energy and time in the ways that you communicate with one another. For example, when someone says hbu (which stands for how about you), they […]

wuu2 rn Not much. Just having an informal conversation with you currently. Hbu… Ah yes, it would appear that your sentence configuration is very abnormal. m8  😂 Ok gtg Ok cya 16 Feb, 09:57

The fall of Humanity The rise of the technology brought the end of the human race. Who would have thought. The company apple, was the first to make this piece of tech. Then microsoft and other companies followed the idea. The model 3.1, sold to millions of people around the world. This piece of tech […]

Outside on a smoky day in Russia is a bridge leading to a building manufacturing deadly weapons for Al Qaeda. Inside the large gates lies a stockpile of all sorts of weapons and vehicle. On the bridge was a car that had been stopped on the bridge that had 2 highly trained spies to capture […]

    In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, is a tragic play where a boy and girl from opposing enemy families fall in love. But fate has played a huge roll in this play. Fate is an idea that your future is already set, it is being controlled by a greater force or being. […]

Balthazar thinks that Juliet is dead and tells Romeo. Then Balthazar tells Romeo. Romeo gets sad and breaks into Verona. He pays for an illegal poison to kill himself next to Juliet. Then he breaks into the Church. Paris try’s to stop him. Romeo said, “do not tempt a broken man”. But they fight. Then […]

She drinks the potion. The Nurse thinks that she is dead. After that the rest of the family come in including Paris and the servent. Then Friar Lawrence comes in and makes sure that Juliet goes to the church.

Juliet says sorry to her father. She agrees to marry Paris. But she fakes her death in an attempt to go away with Romeo. “Love give me strength, and strength shall help afford. Farewell dare father.” Then she drinks the potion and falls asleep.