Throughout the year we have studied a few texts like Macbeth, Gattaca and a poem call Ozymandias. A recurring theme in these texts is ambition and how it is fulfilled. Usually these texts include metaphors to help convey the idea that is at hand. So I have chosen to choose base this essay on how […]

In Andrew Nicoles film, Gattaca, a dystopian future that restricts Vincent from pursuing his life long dream (being his astronaut) because of his DNA. For someone to be an astronaut in this dystopian future you have to have perfect genes. This happens by scientists genetically modifying humans to be genetically un impaired or in other […]

Global warming or referred to as climate change is a very immanent and serious problem that needs to be taken more seriously in the modern world. This was clearly stated in president Obamas speech in 2009 where he addressed the situation of global warming. The generations before us have given a blind eye to this […]

  In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, which is a tragic play. In this play Shakespeare uses certain techniques to convey his ideas. The one idea that I have chosen to base this essay of is ambition and the way he goes about fore filling it and how it effects Macbeth. Ambition is a strong desire […]


The gentle women and the doctor were talking about how they saw lady Macbeth sleepwalking. As they are talking about the situation lady Macbeth walks into the room in a trance, then she starts talking about how she cant wash the blood of her hands and all the horrible things she has done.


Macbeth goes to the witches so he can ask for guidance about Macduff betraying Macbeth. The three apparitions tell Macbeth that he is evincible which will give himself a higher sense of security or a false sense of security. Which will make him cocky.

1 Witch and Hecate (the most wise of the three witches) are talking about how Macbeth can make his power last longer even after death. So Macbeth will kill all the other people that are inline for the throne. He will most likey ultimately get greedy with his power, which he has done by planning […]

Macbeth comes back from killing Duncan and he says to lady Macbeth that he feels pretty unholy from what he had just done. “I hear a knocking at the south entry: retire we to our chamber; A little water clears us of this deed: How easy is it, then! Your constancy hath left you unattended.” […]

Shall sun that morrow see! Your face my thane, is a book, where men read strange matters.” Lady Macbeth in this scene is saying the thane of Cawdor’s face is like a book and is easy to read, through his facial expressions. Lady Macbeth is talking to the 3 witches.