15th August 2017

Creative writing task

The fall of Humanity

The rise of the technology brought the end of the human race. Who would have thought. The company apple, was the first to make this piece of tech. Then microsoft and other companies followed the idea. The model 3.1, sold to millions of people around the world. This piece of tech was a next generation form of education. Kids would go through normal primary school education. Then when they passed primary school they were given a microscopic sized chip implant to the hosts brain. This would allow them to know everything that they would learn throughout there high school years and more. At first, it sounded like the most amazing scientific breakthrough since the splitting of the Atom. But it was not to last. For it was hacked by a program called generation death. The program was designed to wipe out 3 quarters of the human race when the population grew to big. This program killed of billions of people. The program would make the host of the chip turn against each other and to start mass murder. There only needed to be a couple of people in a community that had a chip for that community to get wiped out.

Eventually people began fighting back and they got good at it. There were military bases that had been taken over. The battle raged on for years. The progaram realized that it would not win. Then the program generation dead, got worse. Old abandoned factories, started mass producing robots for all different purposes. There were military robots, there were, factory worker robots and more. The first time the humans saw thee robots was in russia. When the first squad of robots were deployed. The robots drove the humans back at least a couple of years worth of fighting. They called the robots the fallen.


MIllions of more were getting killed. To many then first intended. The program was now trying to wipe the human race. DAH DAH DAH!!!!!!


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